Header image SEA CLOUD public areas
Header image SEA CLOUD public areas
Header image SEA CLOUD public areas

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The SEA CLOUD: a sailing ship
with the charm of eternal youth.

As if by magic, the unique charm of the SEA CLOUD can entice many different kinds of people. Anyone on board will feel that they are in the right place, a place that fulfils their expectations, dreams and wishes. If you are looking for something special, you are sure to find it on board this sailing ship - all day, every day and everywhere on board.

The lounge on the SEA CLOUD sailing ship
SEA CLOUD's oak-panelled restaurant

The lounge and the restaurant

Selected picture books, high-quality literature, popular board games and a writing desk with a laptop can all be found in the cosy lounge on the promenade deck.

Next door is the oak-panelled restaurant, used as a salon by the SEA CLOUD's first owners. Just like on a private yacht, you can sit down to dine at the beautiful long tables and, of course, you can choose any place to sit as there are no fixed places.

The lido and promenade deck

If the weather is fine, you might like to sit on the lido deck at lunch time. The tasty snacks served at the buffet in the open air will both whet and satisfy your appetite. At certain times, our onboard pianist will provide pleasant background music to your conversations. The lido bar is a cosy place to wind down the evening. Quite befitting for any traditional sailing ship, the atmosphere can also get rather vibrant when the Crew Shanty Choir makes an appearance.

In good weather, you can enjoy some tasty treats up on the promenade deck
The lido bar on the SEA CLOUD's sun deck
Weather permitting, you can have lunch or a barbecue on the lido deck

Not only is the promenade deck a quick route from one end of the ship to the other; in good weather, you will also find some very tasty refreshments there. The coffee, tea and light snacks are ideal for those who rise early, but also to provide sustenance in the afternoon between meals. Just imagine a freshly made waffle with ice cream under the white sails of a ship - that really is pure paradise!

SEA CLOUD’s outer deck with its many deckchairs
The blue lagoon is the perfect spot for dreaming away or reading a good book

On-board life

On board the SEA CLOUD there are many wonderful spots where you can relax and unwind: from countless deckchairs, to elegant mahogany benches and the blue lagoon, where you can gaze up at the masts. Watching the movement of the sails and all the traditional tasks associated with a majestic sailing ship is one of the most wonderful activities on the high seas. The traditional rules of cruise travel might be thrown overboard; on board the SEA CLOUD you can travel the way you prefer. If you like, you can jog around the outer promenade deck or borrow snorkelling equipment for a trip ashore. The SEA CLOUD's onboard zodiac boats do not just take you ashore and back but are also used to tow "Fun Island", our inflatable water sled. And when conditions are calm enough, the gangway becomes a direct access point for the most beautiful swimming pool in the world: the sea.

The bridge

Excellent views of the sea and the 30 majestic sails can of course be enjoyed from the SEA CLOUD's bridge, where a range of historic nautical instruments almost conceal the modern technology. Operational circumstances permitting, the officers on the bridge will also be happy to answer questions about "their" sailing ship.

The traditional tasks on board a sailing ship are something very special
The traditional tasks on board a sailing ship are something very special
The traditional tasks on board a sailing ship are something very special