Questions & Answers: Reservation

You can book your sailing with your preferred travel advisor or directly at SEA CLOUD CRUISES. 500

We will hold your stateroom or suite for three days free of charge.

Step 1

If you are interested in a sailing on one of our yachts, we will check availability of the date and stateroom, put an option for 3 days followed by an offer including travel registration documents.


Step 2

Return the travel registration form within three days to receive a booking confirmation.


Step 3

You will receive a confirmation including payment details and a secured link for a credit card payment. A 20% deposit is due within one week of receiving the confirmation.


Step 4

Four weeks prior to sailing, the remaining balance of 80 % is due. Upon full payment you will receive your travel documents.


A guaranteed cabin is an entry price category with no cabin allocation. You will receive your stateroom number upon embarkation. Guaranteed cabins are limited.

Yes, we can waitlist you for a specific sailing or stateroom category. We will contact you automatically when your cruise or category becomes available.

On SEA CLOUD, SEA CLOUD II and SEA CLOUD SPIRIT we offer limited double staterooms with a single supplement between 50 and 100% depending on category. SEA CLOUD SPIRIT offers in addition two single staterooms.

We offer pre or post stays on elected sailings. Please check for further details our website or brochure.

Questions & Answers: Arrival and departure

Currently SEA CLOUD CRUISES does not have an air department. Passengers arrange their transportation to and from ship individually.

8 weeks prior to your departure we will provide information to book airport transfers to and from the ship.

Depending on your transportation airline restriction apply. The allowance on bord our ships is approximately 90 lbs. Please use the luggage tags you received with your travel documents. Please make sure that the cabin number and name are readable. You can leave the cabin number blank if you booked a guaranteed cabin.

In general, embarkation starts at 4.00 pm, and disembarkation begins at 9.00 am. Any changes to those times will be stated in your cruise documents. Please note that an earlier embarkation or later disembarkation is not possible.

Questions & Answers: Prior to sailing

Your travel documents include the itinerary and detailed shore excursions. For embarkation, please have your passport and travel confirmation ready. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months after the end of the sailing.

Under German travel law, tour operators are required to hold an insurance guaranteeing rates paid by guest for their vacation in case of bankruptcy. Each guest will receive a copy of this policy. The policy is a voucher issued by an insurance company. If the tour operator, SEA CLOUD CRUISES, files for bankruptcy, you will receive a refund for the price paid, or if in case your trip already started, we will reimburse the early return. You will receive your policy with your confirmation.

We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance in case of cancellation, lost luggage, accidents, health issues or travel interruption. Our reservations team is happy to assist finding the best plan for you

Upon booking you will receive detailed entry requirements for your sailing, depending on your citizenship.

Questions & Answers: Life on board

Languages on board are English and German. All communications and print materials on board are bilingual including the daily program, announcements, and menus. Shore Excursions will be provided with English-speaking guides.

Onboard activities

On our authentic sailing yacht, sailing and sailing maneuvers are our priority. We have selected dates with themed sailings including art, music, food, and drinks. During evening and cocktail hours, we do have soft entertainment in the Lido Bar. You will find all information, useful tips and shore excursions in your daily program The daily program is placed in your cabin every evening to announce the next day’s activities.


Sit back and relax in our library with a great selection of books, popular board games and DVDs (SEA CLOUD II only). Feel free to take them during your trip and place back before your journey ends.


The boutique on our yachts offers accessories, clothes, and gifts. Opening hours vary. You will find the exact information in the daily program and on the public boards. Feel free to contact the reception with any questions or requests outside of opening hours.

Wellness & Spa

On SEA CLOUD II we offer massages and beauty treatments at an additional fee We do have a sauna on the cabin deck, which is heated upon request. Please contact the reception.

SEA CLOUD SPIRIT has an extensive wellness and spa area with two treatment rooms, Finnish sauna, steam bath, relaxation room and multi-sensory shower. We offer massages, and various treatments at an additional charge. The Spa Brochure with our detailed program is available in your cabin. You can book your appointments at the reception.


SEA CLOUD II has a fitness area on the cabin deck. The gym is open during the day and is equipped with a step machine, a bike, a treadmill, and a rowing machine.

The fitness area of the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT is located on the sun deck. It is open during the day and is equipped with modern cardio equipment and weights.

Water sports & swimming

Water sport activities are offered from the gangway on SEA CLOUD or the marina platform on SEA CLOUD II & SEA CLOUD SPIRIT.

We do have snorkeling equipment in different sizes on board, stand-up paddle bards for beach landings and a towable tube from the gangway (SEA CLOUD II & SEA CLOUD SPIRIT).

All water sport activities are included and subject to weather and Captains permission.

If you are up for it, you can help setting sails, hauling lines during the bracing of the yards, assist with hauling down bunt lines during the dousing of sails and later coiling the lines.

During the day, we recommend casual chic, yachting clothes. The evenings are casual elegant. Please refrain from wearing swimwear during lunch and/or shorts at dinner. For the Captain’s Dinner (once or twice depending on lengths of the cruise), we recommend elegant cocktail attire, a suit or ensemble for the gentleman and matching dress for the lady. We additionally suggest bringing non-slippery boat shoes.

A small breakfast with pastries and fruits is offered to early and late risers onboard the SEA CLOUDs. On the SEA CLOUD, it’s located on the Panorama Deck (early risers) or the Lido Deck (late risers). On board the SEA CLOUD II and the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT, a small breakfast is available at the Lido Bar. The main breakfast buffet is provided in the restaurant. Lunch is served as a buffet on the lido deck or in the restaurant. In the afternoon, coffee and tea are served, accompanied by some sweet treats and sandwiches. Dinner is a four-course menu with entrees to choose including a vegetarian option. Our executive chef will prepare an exclusive five-course meal for the gala dinner. The Bistro on the lido deck offers a flexible and casual alternative to dinner in the restaurant (SEA CLOUD SPIRIT only). A late-night snack nicely rounds up the evening’s culinary delights.

Meals are served on our ships in one seating. Service times can be found in the daily program on board. Please kindly note that reservations are not possible. As an alternative to fine dining in the restaurant, you can enjoy a casual dinner in the bistro on the lido deck (SEA CLOUD SPIRIT only).

We maintain the tradition that at the beginning and towards the end of a voyage, the captain invites you to a Captain’s Cocktail, followed by a (Captain’s) Gala Dinner in the restaurant. For this occasion, we recommend elegant cocktail attire.

Laundry services on board are limited to washing and ironing. There is no dry cleaning available. You will find a price list for the overnight laundry and ironing service in your closet. For guests who have booked a suite in category A-C (SEA CLOUD) or category A+B (SEA CLOUD II & SEA CLOUD SPIRIT) the laundry service complimentary. For safety reasons, passengers are not permitted to iron in their cabins.

Smoking is permitted only on the lido deck outside of mealtimes. We kindly request that smokers take the other passengers into consideration. Smoking is always prohibited in covered areas on the lido deck, of the spanker deck (SEA CLOUD), on the blue lagoon (SEA CLOUD II), on the sun deck and on the verandah (SEA CLOUD SPIRIT).

WIFI, phone charges, laundry service (except for suites), beauty and wellness treatments, shore excursions (unless otherwise advertised), and boutique purchases are at an additional charge.

The currency on board is the EURO (€). To simplify onboard expenses, we will set up a cabin account during your stay. Your personal expenses will be charged to your personal shipboard account and need to be settled at the end of the cruise. We accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, VISA Card, American Express and Diners Card), German debit cards, traveler’s checks, and cash (USD and EURO).

We only carry USD and Euro on board. Currency exchange from Euro to USD and vice versa is available at any time. Please get in touch with the purser or the reception desk in this matter. Other foreign currencies, e.g. for shore excursions, must be exchanged in the destination countries or at home before your cruise. In addition, we recommend obtaining small bills in the local currency prior to your voyage.

Gratuities are included in in your savings rate on all ships.

Questions & Answers: Staterooms/Suites & amenities

Cabin key (card)

On SEA CLOUD, you travel like on your own private yacht with staterooms not being locked. If you wish you can request a key from the purser.

On SEA CLOUD II & SEA CLOUD SPIRIT you will receive your key card at embarkation. It is used to unlock your cabin as well as identification when boarding and leaving the ship. Please always keep your card with you and inform the reception immediately if you lose it.

Suite/Stateroom features

Your suite or stateroom on all ships is equipped with a direct dial phone. On SEA CLOUD II, you have a TV with DVD player and radio with an onboard program. On SEA CLOUD SPIRIT your TV has an entertainment system and video on demand in addition to the radio.

Each suite or stateroom on board of our ships offer a complimentary selection of non-alcoholic beverages. SEA CLOUD SPIRIT also has a coffee machine with a complimentary coffee and tea selection. We provide L’Occitane en Provence toiletries for your convenience as well as a bathrobe, slippers, and hairdryer. On SEA CLOUD SPIRIT the verandah has a small table and teak chairs.


You will find your safe in the closet of your cabin on all three ships. You can program it with a personal code. Please get in touch with the reception if you need assistance.

Air conditioning

The ship is fully air-conditioned. Cabin temperatures are individually adjustable.


Umbrellas are available for you in the cabin on all three ships.

The reception is in the foyer of the Promenade Deck (SEA CLOUD II) or the Verandah Deck (SEA CLOUD SPIRIT) and is staffed from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. You can contact the receptionist by phone at any time by dialing 700. You are also welcome to put your name down on the list at the reception for a wake-up call.

Onboard SEA CLOUD, the ship’s office is located on the Promenade Deck and serves as a reception. The purser and radio operator are available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in the ship’s office.

The bridge area can be visited during the day and/or at specified times, subject to captain’s approval. The bridge is closed during maneuvering operations and night sailing.

The Lido and Lounge Bar are open daily from 11:00 am. All drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic are included, premium drink are at an additional charge.

The lounge is located on the Promenade Deck (SEA CLOUD) or the Lido Deck (SEA CLOUD II & SEA CLOUD SPIRIT) and is always open. This is where all lectures take place and on select sailings concerts on the Steinway grand piano (SEA CLOUD II and SEA CLOUD SPIRIT). Enjoy a selection of games or just an afternoon snack.

Meals are served on our ships in one seating. Service times can be found in the daily program on board. Please kindly note that reservations are not possible. As an alternative to dining in the restaurant, you can enjoy your dinner on the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT casually and flexibly in the bistro on the lido deck.

Our top-quality wines from well-known vineyards are often locally sourced. Our sommelier carefully selects each wine for every season and sailing destination. Wines are paired with lunch and dinner menus. In addition, you are always free to select your favorite wine from the menu.

Our beautiful library offers a variety of English books, popular board games and DVDs (SEA CLOUD II only). You are welcome to take the books to your cabin during your sailing and return before the end of your cruise.

The boutique on our yachts offers accessories, clothes, and gifts. The boutique’s opening times vary depending on the ship’s itinerary. You will find the exact hours in the daily program and on the displays. You can also contact the reception with questions or requests outside of opening hours.

Please respect the privacy of the crew. Therefore, passengers are not permitted to enter the crew quarters.

Blankets and towels are provided in the maritime teak wood boxes on the lido deck and near the gangway (SEA CLOUD & SEA CLOUD II). On the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT, you will find blankets and towels on the lido deck and on the sun deck and near the gangway.

On board SEA CLOUD SPIRIT, the deck chairs and sun loungers are located on the sun deck. Sun chairs are available on the outer decks on SEA CLOUD and SEA CLOUD II. We kindly ask you to respect your fellow travelers and refrain from reserving sunbeds and chairs.

You may leave your mail with the purser (SEA CLOUD) or at the reception desk (SEA CLOUD II & SEA CLOUD SPIRIT). The forwarding will be arranged at the next port. Please write your cabin number in the place marker of the stamp. The postage will be charged to your shipboard account.

The ship’s postcards in your cabin, on the Lido Deck (SEA CLOUD) or at the reception (SEA CLOUD II & SEA CLOUD SPIRIT) are available free of charge.

Via satellite, you will receive a daily newspaper with the latest news.

Questions & Answers: Shore excursions

All our shore excursions are shown on the itinerary pages of our brochure. 4 weeks prior to departure you will receive detailed information on shore excursions with your travel documents. The shore excursion booklet also includes the order form to pre-book your excursions. On board the Cruise Director will be able to provide further details during a lecture. We do recommend pre-booking prior to embarkation to secure your spot. All excursions will be charged to your cabin account on board.

Please remember to bring comfortable footwear, a light jacket/windbreaker, as well as sunscreen where appropriate.

The on-board languages are German and English. Daily programs, menus and announcements are available in both languages. Shore excursions will be guided by either English or bilingual speaking guides.

You are free to join an organized shore excursion, stay on board or make individual arrangements. You will find times for tender or to be back on board in your daily program and at the gangway.

Questions & Answers: Health and safety

Safety equipment is explained during the emergency drill at the beginning of your cruise. The safety drill is mandatory for all passengers in accordance with international regulations and laws. All cabins and common areas are equipped with an emergency phone (please dial 911). Life vests are stowed under your bed.

Please inform us prior to your cruise if you have any allergies, intolerances, or other special dietary restrictions. We will try to accommodate your needs as far as possible.

All three ships have a clinic and a ship’s doctor. Medical consultation hours can be found in the daily program. In case of an emergency, the doctor can be reached at any time by calling 911.

There are no elevators on the SEA CLOUD and SEA CLOUD II, only staircases. SEA CLOUD SPIRIT is equipped with an elevator. You will access and depart the ship via the onboard gangway, which is not always level. Depending on weather conditions, access might be steep. The tenders or zodiacs service is done via the gangway. Please contact us prior to cruise if you have any questions regarding accessibility. If you need specific medical arrangements, please contact us in advance.

Our windjammers, SEA CLOUD, SEA CLOUD II and SEA CLOUD SPIRIT, are not barrier-free and, therefore, unsuitable for wheelchair users. Please contact our reservations directly for details.

The SEA CLOUD SPIRIT is equipped with an elevator that conveniently connects all four passenger decks from the cabin deck to the sun deck. There are no elevators on the SEA CLOUD and SEA CLOUD II.

Each cabin has a safe in the closet which can be programmed with a personal code. If you need assistance, please contact the reception.

In case of lost item, please contact the purser or the bartender at the Lidobar (SEA CLOUD) or the reception (SEA CLOUD II & SEA CLOUD SPIRIT).

Visitors are permitted on board only if passengers or agencies have notified the purser in advance. The notice must be given at least 72 hours in advance. Any services used by visitors while on board shall be settled via the passenger‘s or agancies onboard account. Visits are generally not possible on embarkation and disembarkation days.

Questions & Answers: WIFI, phone, and electricity

Our yachts are equipped with Starlink. WIFI is available in the public areas on all 3 ships and in your cabin on SEA CLOUD SPIRIT. You can use your own laptop, tablet, or smartphone to connect to the internet with the access code (WIFI) for a fee. WIFI packages can be purchased at the reception. Please note that WIFI service on board is not comparable to on land and might be interrupted at times due to lack of coverage in certain areas.

On board, a laptop that is located in the lounge (SEA CLOUD) or in the library (SEA CLOUD II & SEA CLOUD SPIRIT) can be used for e-mail use on board. The SEA CLOUDs have their own on-board email addresses as follows:




Please advise anyone you give the above email address to not send messages with attachments. Please put your name and cabin number in the subject line to ensure that the reception can forward any correspondence to you. They will hand you a printout of the e-mail.

Incoming and outgoing e-mails up to 50 KB in size can be received or send free of charge. However, files larger than 50 KB per message are automatically rejected by the system.

Due to limited network availabilities at sea, cell phones use is limited. The SEA CLOUDs are equipped with Starlink that ensures WIFI connection. Phone numbers to reach the ship can be found in your travel documents and on board.

The voltage on board is 220 volts. Please make sure to bring a converter. All bathrooms are equipped with a shaver socket.

Questions & Answers: General information

In case the ship is unable to dock at a pier but at anchorage, we offer tender service, to and from shore. Access is via the gangway. Please check the notice for the departure times of the tender boats. Please follow the instructions of our crew. Tender ports are marked with an anchor in the itinerary.

Zodiacs are small motor-driven rigid-hull inflatable boats with a capacity of approximately 8 to 10 guests, primarily used for beach landings on our cruises or our photo safaris.

It is not allowed to bring animals on board.

Children are welcome on our ships, but please keep in mind there is no daycare or special entertainment for children on board our ships.

A welcome note can be placed in the cabin upon request. Please contact reservations for more information.

Yes, you can get legally married on board by the captain. For more information, click here.

Itineraries are subject to change due to wind and weather condition and are at the discretion of the captain.

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