The SEA CLOUD II has its very own personality and combines the amenities of a modern cruise ship with the unique atmosphere of a romantic tall ship.



The SEA CLOUD II perfectly combines spaciousness for up to 94 passengers with the lifestyle of a private yacht.


From the Owner Suite to the De-luxe outside cabin: 47 cabins for highest demands and with all comfort.

Public Areas

Four spacious decks, lounge, library, gym, massage and beauty salon: The SEA CLOUD II offers its maximum of 94 guests plenty of space and variety.

Categorie ALuxury owner suites
Categorie BJunior suites
Categorie CDe luxe double-bed cabins
Categorie DDe luxe double-bed cabins
Categorie EDe luxe double-bed cabins
Categorie FUpper-/lower-bed cabins

Guaranteed double cabins: The range of accommodation starts from Cat. F. You will receive your exact cabin number when arriving on board. The allotment for this category is very limited.



Technical data and sail diagram

Since 2001, the SEA CLOUD II, with a total length of 117 meters, 23 sails and about 3,000 square meters of sail area as a three-mast barque, has also enriched the fleet of blue-water cruise ships under sails.
The use of the most modern materials, from metal for both the frames and masts to new types of plastic for sails and ropes, makes it possible to achieve almost the same sailing characteristics as a four-masted barque by using larger dimensions for the masts and sails with only two masts rigged on the frame and one gaff rigged mast. Among experts, the SEA CLOUD II would only be referred to as a “barque”, because only if the ship has more than three masts does one have to additionally specify the number.
Sail Diagram
Technical Data
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