Majestic tall ships have shaped an entire era of shipping – reliable and always in harmony with nature.


At a time when many people are returning to what really counts in life, the true value of windjammers is once again becoming apparent, something which SEA CLOUD CRUISES has appreciated for many years. The rhythm of the wind and waves determines the rhythm and direction of life on board. Under a full set of sails, the values of classic seamanship are in the foreground and people are very much at the center of everything that happens on board. In the cosy atmosphere of a private yacht, friendships develop and grow. This is travel in the original sense. On every trip with the SEA CLOUD, the SEA CLOUD II and also with the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT, the journey itself becomes the goal and time a secondary consideration.


In harmony with nature


For more than 40 years now, SEA CLOUD CRUISES has nurtured the concept of gentle tourism. Instead of fighting the sea with engine power, we use the wind whenever possible to get where we need to be – and thus prove that unique experiences and a healthy regard for the environment are not mutually exclusive. As often as we can, we sail. For this, the captain may have to change the route from time to time, if the weather conditions demand it.

In harmony with nature

Small ships mean more opportunities

Due to their small size and manoeuvrability, the SEA CLOUD ships can sail off the beaten tourist tracks. One thing is always in the center our minds: to treat other cultures with respect. Our trips offer a balanced mixture of a real sailing experience and exciting discoveries ashore. Our advantage as a “private yacht”: in addition to well-known and popular destinations, we mainly call at smaller, more individual ports, which you can also explore on your own, independently of organized shore excursions.


Sailing experience


Sailing passion with a tradition: on board the SEA CLOUDs, the sails are still traditionally set by hand. It is always a spectacular moment when the sailors climb the rigging, loosen the heavy cloth and then haul the lines in from the deck. Nothing happens at the push of a button: almost a full hour passes before all sails can catch the wind.

Sailing experience

The Sea, the wind and endless horizons

Taste the sea air, hear the sound of the waves and feel the wind filling the up 4,100 m² / 44,100 sq ft of sail area. On the SEA CLOUD ships you can always be outside and close to the elements as so much on board takes place in the fresh air. The sea is always within reach here – and not a dozen decks away.


The atmosphere


With their endearing manner and attention to service, the entire crew ensures a completely relaxed atmosphere on board. In a small circle of guests you can enjoy the marvellous feeling of being on a private yacht. Arrive, switch off, enjoy: Our windjammers are quiet oases in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here you will find pure deceleration – you can just let yourself drift. Whether in the early morning at the deck railing or in the evening at the bar – you will find it easy to strike up conversations with like-minded sailing fans from all over the world. The common experience on board connects. After just a few days under sail, you’ll feel less like a guest and like a good friend and part of the SEA CLOUD family.


Your hosts


Many of our crew members have been loyal to the SEA CLOUD family for over 30 years. For these men and women, windjammers are much more than just a place of work – they are a home. As a guest, you quickly become part of our family and feel at home on board. For many crew members, working on the SEA CLOUDs has been a dream come true. Whether in the engine room, on the bridge or in the restaurant – the passion for their profession has welded them together into a well-rehearsed and proficient team. They pass on their enthusiasm as proud hosts.




With a creativity of the highest order, our top chefs conjure up exclusive culinary experiences time and time again. They like to complement their refined menus with local products and market-fresh fish. The wine selection is matched to the route and delights with excellent wines from each region. Whether breakfast or lunch buffet, evening barbecue on deck, elegant dinner in the restaurant – the cuisine on board is innovative and varied, catering to your individual needs and combining classic, modern and maritime nuances.


Highest comfort


Elegant and spacious: all SEA CLOUD cabins offer a view of the sea, even from your own private balcony on the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT. Thanks to many small details – from the champagne as a welcome drink to the daily bedtime snacks – guests immediately feel at home. The ambience on board is classically maritime. Elegant, spacious teak decks, comfortable deckchairs and fine woods radiate both warmth and cosiness. The tastefully furnished outside cabins are perfectly thought through and offer enough space to be able to retreat. Twice a day they are lovingly prepared by your cabin stewardess.

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