Questions & answers: life on board

What language is spoken on board and on the shore excursions?

The languages used on board are German and English. Daily programmes, menus and announcements will be available in both languages. Depending on the group, we always endeavour to organise German or English-speaking tour guides for our shore excursions.

What leisure activities are available on board?

On-board programme
When on board a tall ship the main attraction is, of course, the sailing and seafaring. Lecturers or artists are on board selected trips, offering interesting talks or additional entertainment. An on-board pianist also plays on all our ships during the evening and our afternoon coffee service.

It is also possible to borrow German and English books, popular board games, as well as DVDs (SEA CLOUD II only) from the on-board library.

The boutiques available on our yachts stock accessories, clothes and gifts. These can be purchased directly on board or via our webpage: Please note that this link will mean leaving the website of SEA CLOUD CRUISES GmbH.

Beauty & Massage
For your own personal comfort, we provide a range of spa services on board the SEA CLOUD II (massages and beauty treatments available at an additional cost). Our beauticians use the finest products from Maria Galland.

Sauna & Fitness
A fitness studio and sauna are available on the SEA CLOUD II. The fitness studio is open all day and is equipped with a step machine, bike and treadmill. In addition to this, a light exercise programme is offered daily on the SEA CLOUD II.

Water sports
The gangway on the SEA CLOUD and the swimming platform on the SEA CLOUD II are the starting points for a wide range of water sport activities. The ship's management team decides whether these activities are available, weather-permitting and subject to regulatory approval. On board the SEA CLOUD and the SEA CLOUD II you will have access to a range of waterski equipment as well as snorkelling gear. There is enough for all of our guests and the equipment is available in various sizes.

Is it possible to get involved in sailing the SEA CLOUDs?

As of late, you can join in yourself when the sails are hoisted, for example work the clew lines and buntlines when striking the sails or coil the rope ends when clearing the deck.

Is there a dress code on board?

During the day, and depending on the weather, a sophisticated summer look is suitable. For the evening, we recommend smart-casual wear. We also kindly request that guests refrain from wearing shorts at evening meals. The Captain’s Dinner (an event which normally takes place twice on each trip – once on short cruises) is a time when our guests tend to opt for a more elegant look. We recommend a suit for men and appropriate smart dress for women. Please remember to take some non-slip shoes with you.

Is there a choice of mealtimes?

Meals are served in one sitting on all our ships.

Is it possible to reserve a table in the restaurant?

Meals are served on our ships in one sitting with free seating. Service times can be found in the daily programme on board.

Is there a gala dinner or Captain´s Dinner on board?

We maintain the tradition of a Captain´s Dinner on board all our ships. Our captains look forward to spending a very special evening with you all. Please dress in formal evening wear for our traditional Captain's Dinner.

Will I be able to get my clothes washed during the trip?

Laundry services available on board are limited to washing and ironing. There is no dry-cleaning available. The washing and ironing service is provided at an additional charge and is carried out overnight. For guests with bookings in Cat. A-C (SEA CLOUD) or Cat. A+B (SEA CLOUD II), this service is free of charge. For safety reasons, passengers are not permitted to iron in their cabins.

Is smoking permitted on board?

Smoking is permitted only on the outer decks outside of meal times. We kindly request that smokers take the comfort of other passengers into consideration. Smoking is prohibited on the blue lagoon deck and covered areas of the spanker and lido deck at all times.

What additional costs may arise in addition to the cost of the trip?

Not included in the cost of the trip are individual expenses on board, e.g. drinks at the bar, telephone/internet costs, laundry and shoe service, beauty and wellness services or purchases in the boutique. Shore excursions can be booked additionally on board.

How can I pay on board?

The on-board currency is the euro (€). To make on-board billing easier, we set up a shipboard account for you for the duration of your trip. Your personal expenditure on board will be charged to this account.

For payment, we accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Diners Card), German EC cards, travellers' cheques and cash (US dollars ($) and euros(€)).

Can I exchange currency on board?

Limited amounts of foreign currency are available on board for onshore excursions. Please ask the purser about this. We also recommend that you obtain a few notes in each of the relevant countries' currency before the start of your trip. Currency exchange from euros to US dollars and vice-versa is available at any time.

Are tips included in the price of the trip?

For all yachts, the tips are already included in the price of the trip.