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Experience nature and culture on a Mediterranean cruise or sail around the Canary Islands, the Azores and Madeira.

A Mediterranean cruise with the SEA CLOUD or SEA CLOUD II is a voyage through time. In the early Middle Ages, vast regions of the western Mediterranean were ruled by the Moors. You can find evidence of this in the royal cities of Morocco, as well as in Europe.

Traditional white Cycladic houses on a Mediterranean cruise
Acropolis in Pergamon

Sun-kissed, diverse, inspiring.

The Moorish legacy in the south of Spain is on a par with the treasures of antiquity that can be found around the Aegean as well as the fantastic Greek mythology which is linked to so many places. In the famous light of the Cyclades, for example in Mykonos or Naxos, the charming house facades shine particularly brightly, and the relaxed Mediterranean charm of a stroll through the streets and typical taverns leaves visitors feeling exhilarated.

Venice, popular destination on an Adriatic and Mediterranean cruise
Dubrovnik, situated on the Adriatic coast

On the Adriatic too, great stone monuments mark the passing of the centuries. The fortified old town of Split was once part of a gigantic Roman palace complex, and the baroque facades in Rovinj were built during the Habsburg period. Indeed if the ubiquity of all the city palaces and churches which you see on your Mediterranean cruise reminds you somewhat of Venice, you would be right; the Adriatic was once the main sailing channel of the Venetians and a former territory of the proud Republic of Venice.

Outside the Mediterranean, in Madeira, the Azores and the Canary Islands, there are also footprints of the past to be found. Today, these relics of the past, areas of natural beauty and volcanic landscapes come together to form a spectacular scenery.

Destinations for your Southern Europe/Mediterranean cruise:


Azores and Madeira

Canary Islands


Western Mediterranean and Iberian Peninsula

Eastern Mediterranean