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The fascination of Northern Europe:
amazing natural and cultural experiences.

Whereas the SEA CLOUD returns from its warmer winter climes and heads on a direct course for the Mediterranean, the SEA CLOUD II regularly makes a detour to the north.

Speicherstadt Hamburg – an old warehouse district

Elegant, pristine,
rich in culture.

The coasts of Southern England, Scotland and Ireland, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea are a rich and colourful kaleidoscope of lush green landscapes, proud Hanseatic towns and tsarist splendour. A cruise to this area will immerse you in European history. However, it is not just the landscapes and culture which make this region the perfect backdrop for a sailing trip with the SEA CLOUD II, but also the strong connection with the sea and sailing.

The annual Kieler Woche sailing event and the "Sail" festival, which takes place in Bremerhaven every five years, are two popular events in Germany which the SEA CLOUD II is always eager to take part in.

Destinations for your trip to Northern Europe:

Baltic Sea

North Sea and northern Atlantic coast