A sailing adventure and sheer windjammer romance

Some people may want a more intensive windjammer experience than others. For all you sailing enthusiasts, we have therefore summarised the cruises which offer a greater or exclusive focus on sailing below:

Days at sea, nights in port

On some of our sailing holidays our windjammers will only reach their destination late in the afternoon and will remain anchored in port overnight. This means that sailing enthusiasts can spend many idyllic hours at sea whilst still having time in the evening to head off and explore each fascinating harbour town. A relaxed stroll through the port or old town is the perfect way to take in the local atmosphere.

Dates for SEA CLOUD:
26 Nov. to 04 Dec. 2018: Las Palmas - Las Palmas

Wherever the wind takes us

Do you savour the sailing experience more than the destination? If so, you will probably be interested in one of our sailing cruises without a fixed itinerary. On these cruises, only the wind determines which route our majestic windjammer will take. Prepare yourself for the unexpected, no matter where the elements take us - our sailing routes are filled with atmospheric harbour towns and romantic bays that can be explored on individual trips ashore.

Dates for SEA CLOUD:
25 Sep. to 02 Oct. 2018: Dubrovnik - Malta

Across the ocean under billowing sails

The Atlantic crossing is the trip of a lifetime - and a wonderful experience for true sailing fans. Two whole weeks alone with the ocean, two whole weeks devoted to sailing: Embark on the famous Columbus route between the Canary Islands/Cape Verde Islands and the Caribbean and completely give yourself over to the elements - it is the perfect way to truly escape your everyday routine.

Dates for SEA CLOUD:
04 Dec. to 21 Dec. 2018: Las Palmas - Santo Domingo
03 Dec. to 20 Dec. 2019: Santiago - Santo Domingo

Dates for SEA CLOUD II:
26 Nov. to 13 Dec. 2018: Las Palmas - Curaçao
25 Nov. to 07 Dec. 2019: Santiago - Barbados