Cruise team


Our SEA CLOUD CRUISES team is available to answer your questions about your cruise.

You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 09.00 a.m. and 06.00 p.m. (CET) and our hotline for the US and Canada 24/7 at:

Phone: +49 (0)40-30 95 92-50
US and Canada hotline: +1 888 732 2568
Fax: +49 (0)40-30 95 92-22

Alina Andersen
Alina Andersen is in charge of the cruise team with great dedication and passion. In the foreground of her work is the fascination and love for the product.
Monika Engel
The passion for travelling was the reason for Monika Engel to join us in 2014. With her expertise and extensive knowledge of flight connections and flight regulations, Monika Engel will bring you reliably to your sailing trip.
Mona Guse
As a trained tourism management assistant, Mona Guse has enriched our cruise team since the beginning of 2020. Her heart has long been beating for distant countries and foreign cultures.
Andrea Harm
Andrea Harm has been part of the team consulting with great passion and expertise for many years. As a former sailor she is personally familiar with many routes and has many years of sailing experience.
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