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the greatest windjammer legend of all time.

At its launch in 1931, the SEA CLOUD was the most magnificent sailing yacht in the world, a masterpiece of shipbuilding and the last private fourmast ship ever to have been built.

The eventful story of the SEA CLOUD reads like an exciting novel with fragments of world history woven into its pages. Today the ship’s unique atmosphere still echoes with tales of a bygone era – a time when politicians, socialites, diplomats, Hollywood stars and ageing aristocrats were among its guests. Nonetheless the SEA CLOUD is still undoubtedly a private home on the waves. The elegance of a former age has been lovingly restored; the etiquette of earlier times has given way to a relaxed social atmosphere. It is the perfect setting for a voyage that combines a modern lifestyle and today’s high standards.

The SEA CLOUD simply is, and remains, the most beautiful, legendary windjammer of all time – for many, it is the true highlight of their journey.

Western and Eastern Mediterranean, Adriatic, Atlantic Crossing, Central America, Costa Rica and Panama, Lesser Antilles and Grenadines, Cuba

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