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Temporary retirement for a
"Queen of the Seas".

For months, Marjorie searched for a buyer for the SEA CLOUD. Her desire to sell the SEA CLOUD piqued the interest of the man who had been invited on board more often than any other guest: Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Montinas, the brutal head of the Dominican Republic. In 1955 Trujillo took over the ship - and gave it a new name: ANGELITA.

The new presidential yacht was used primarily as a houseboat. The ship made headlines again after Trujillo was assassinated on 30 May 1961. While the country was being shaken by a revolution, the ANGELITA sailed toward Cannes with his body, a number of Trujillo family members and an enormous amount of cash. Just before the Canary Islands the ANGELITA received a radio message. The new government forced the crew to turn back.

The expensive heirloom was re-named PATRIA and again put up for sale. Five years later the PATRIA finally returned to American hands. The buyer was Operation Sea Cruises Inc. based in Panama. Its president John Blue sent the ANTARNA - the ship's new name - to Naples to have her completely restored. Upon her return to America, however, there was a financial dispute with the American authorities - and the ship was temporarily docked.

Then 26 year-young Stephanie Gallagher entered the picture. She and her husband Charles were obsessed with the idea of "Oceanic Schools", where students would supplement their academic studies with an at-sea program on board large sailing ships. "Oceanics" paid the outstanding accounts and fees, but John Blue kept the ship's papers. However, this didn't stop Stephanie Gallagher from setting sail. From now on, the "pirate-ess" was pursued. Wherever the ANTARNA stopped, John Blue was already there to take back "his" ship. In Panama, Blue finally boarded the ship with lawyers and policemen. The ship was searched for drugs, cut off from the fresh water supply and generally harassed until the Gallaghers gave up and disappeared.