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A new life under a new name.

One day after the divorce, Ed Hutton signed over the HUSSAR to his ex-wife, who loved the ship more than anything. As a kind of final stroke under her two failed marriages, Marjorie had the yacht registered under a new name: The HUSSAR became the SEA CLOUD.

Bathroom on the SEA CLOUD
Historic deck photo of the SEA CLOUD

After the painful separation from her husband Marjorie quickly found comfort in her old friend Joseph E. Davies. He was a successful attorney and served as the economic advisor to President Wilson during the peace negotiations in Versailles after World War I. Her wedding to Mr. Davies on 15 December 1935 gave Marjorie's life a new direction: From now on, she was engaged not only in the circles of business tycoons, but also in the world of politics and diplomacy. In early 1937 Davies took over the office of the American ambassador in Moscow. The SEA CLOUD was now called to Leningrad as a floating (and nearly surveillance-free) diplomatic palace - and the social duties the SEA CLOUD had to serve increased once again.

Marjorie knew perfectly well how to socialize in diplomatic circles. Prominent Soviets gladly accepted her invitations to learn more about the western luxury lifestyle. Even several crowned heads were guests aboard the SEA CLOUD, including Queen Elisabeth of Belgium. In time, however, the trips from Leningrad became more dangerous as the number of warships in eastern waters rapidly grew. One planned trip to the Black Sea was cancelled because enemy submarines had taken up station there. In June 1938, the SEA CLOUD bid farewell to the USSR and sailed to Istanbul.