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From A to Z - the SEA CLOUD at a glance

Awaiting you on board the SEA CLOUD is a charming and experienced service crew who will make your arrival as pleasant as possible.

And if you would like to explore life on the SEA CLOUD in more detail, just look in the Board ABCs. You will also find valuable tips to prepare for your trip as well asinformation on the modern communications system on board.

Air Conditioning

The ship is fully air conditioned. The strength of the air supply in cabins is individually adjustable.


The lido bar is open daily from 11:00 am. Soft drinks, coffee, tea, water and juices are available all day free of charge.


The boutique provides accessoires, clothes and gifts. The boutique's opening times vary, depending on the ship's lay time. You will find the exact opening hours in the daily programme and on the notices. You can also find the current collection on the internet at Please note that you will thus be leaving the SEA CLOUD CRUISES website.


The bridge area can be visited during the day and/or at specified times subject to the captain's approval. The bridge is closed during manoeuvring operations and night cruising.

Cabin Furnishings

There is a telephone in your cabin. In addition, each cabin has a selection of non-alcoholic drinks which are available free of charge. There is a selection of quality toiletries in the bathroom. You will also find a bathrobe, slippers and a powerful hairdryer in your cabin.

Cabin Key

As with most private yachts, the cabins are usually not locked. Of course, you can receive a cabin key from the purser on request.

Crew Quarters

Please respect the crew's private quarters. Passengers are not permitted to enter the crew's quarters.


The on-board currency is the Euro (€). To make on-board billing easier, we have taken the liberty of setting up a shipboard account for you for the duration of your cruise. Your personal expenditure on board will be charged to this account. For final settlement we accept the following payment methods:

Traveller's cheques
American Express
Diners Club
German EC-Karte (EC cards)
Cash (US$ and Euro)

Daily Programme

General information on the next day's events and shore excursions is prepared by the cruise director in the daily programme, which you receive every evening in your cabin.

Dietary Requirements, Allergies and Intolerances

Please inform us in good time prior to the cruise if you have any allergies or intolerances, or any other special dietary requirements. This information is very important for the kitchen, laundry and room service. We will gladly accommodate your requests.

Dress Code

During the day, and depending on the weather, a sophisticated summer look is suitable. For the evening, we recommend smart-casual wear. We also kindly request that guests refrain from wearing shorts at evening meals. The Captain's Dinner (an event which normally takes place twice on each trip - once on short cruises) is a time when our guests tend to opt for a more elegant look. We recommend a suit for men and appropriate smart dress for women. Please remember to take some non-slip shoes with you.


A laptop, located in the lounge, can be used for emails free of charge on board.

Sea Cloud has its own on-board email address which is If you provide anyone with this email address, we recommend that you advise them to send text-only messages without attachments. Please ensure that your name and cabin number appear in the subject line so that the purser can forward any correspondence on to you. As soon as a message is received, you will be informed and will receive a print-out of the email.

Incoming and outgoing emails can be received and sent free of charge provided that they do not exceed 50 KB. Messages over 50 KB will be automatically rejected by the system.

Embarkation and Disembarkation

In general, embarkation begins at 4:00 pm and disembarkation takes place at 9:00 am. Any deviation from these times will be indicated in your cruise documents. Please note that an earlier embarkation resp. a later disembarkation is not possible as the crew needs the time to prepare the ship for the next cruise.

Foreign Currency

We only have US$ and Euro on board. Currency exchange from Euro to US$ and vice-versa is available at any time. Other currencies must be exchanged in the destination countries or at home before your cruise.

Hospital/Medical Advice

The hospital is located on the promenade deck and is staffed by the ship’s doctor. Daily surgery times can be found in the daily programme. The doctor can be reached at all times in case of emergency. Medicines and seasickness pills are available in limited quantities. Our yachts are not equipped with lifts/elevators so that guests have to use the stairs; embarkation and debarkation is via the on-board gangway and is not always level; depending on the tide, access might be steep. Unshipping with the on-board tenders or zodiacs is also via the gangway. Before embarking on one of our voyages, you should therefore be positive that you are in good physical health. If you are unsure whether you will be able to manage the conditions on board, please contact us. Specific care must be agreed upon in advance.


You can connect to the internet (Wi-Fi) using the on-board laptop or your own laptop, however please note that there is a charge for this. You can get the access code and the laptop from the purser. Continuous reception cannot be guaranteed; in certain sailing areas or due to the set course, interruptions to network coverage might be experienced.

Itinerary Changes

The focus of our cruises is on the sailing experience. Even with the most meticulous route planning, changes to the itinerary may be necessary due to weather conditions or other unforeseeable circumstances. If there are any changes, you will be informed on board.

Languages on Board

The languages used on board are German and English. Daily programmes, menus, announcements and shore excursions will be available in both languages.


Laundry services available on board are limited to washing and ironing. There is no dry-cleaning available. You will find a price list in your closet. For safety reasons, passengers are not permitted to iron in their cabins.


Choose from our selection of German and English-language books and board games. Please ensure that you return them once you have finished with them.

Lost Property

If you lose anything, please inform the purser or the bartender at our lido bar.


The lounge is located on the promenade deck and is always open. Here you can also find the library.

Lounge Chairs

Deck chairs are available on the sun deck.


Please label your luggage with the luggage tags enclosed with your travel documents. Please ensure that your name and cabin number are clearly visible. When booking a guaranteed cabin, you can leave the cabin number field blank.


A small breakfast is offered to early and late risers. The grand breakfast buffet is provided in the restaurant. Lunch is served as a buffet on the lido deck or in the restaurant. In the afternoon, coffee and tea are served with some sweet treats. Dinner is a four-course menu with choices available and an additional vegetarian option. For the gala dinner, our executive chef will prepare an exclusive five-course menu. A late-night snack rounds the evening’s culinary delights off nicely.


You will receive a daily newspaper with the latest news by satellite.


Animals are not permitted on board.


You may leave your post with the purser, and it will be forwarded at the next port. Please write your cabin number in the stamp corner. The postage will be charged to your shipboard account.


The ship postcards available in your cabin and on the lido deck are free of charge.


Meals are served on our ships in one sitting with free seating. Service times can be found in the daily programme on board. Please note that reservations are not possible.


In the closet of your cabin is a safe.


Safety equipment is explained during the emergency drill at the start of the trip. All passengers are required to participate in accordance with international regulations.

Ship's Office

On board the Sea Cloud the ship’s office is located on the promenade deck and serves as a reception. The purser and radio operator are available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in the ship’s office.

Shipboard Account

All personal expenditure on board such as drinks at the bar, laundry, telephone calls, items from the boutique, shore excursions etc. will be charged to your personal shipboard account which will be settled at the end of the cruise.

Shore Excursions

You will receive information on shore excursions with your travel documents prior to departure. We always try to organize English and/or German speaking local guides – depending on the group. You can also get more detailed descriptions of shore excursions from the cruise director on board. Reservations and payments are made on board. Please consider wearing sturdy footwear.


Smoking is permitted only on the outer decks outside of meal times. We kindly request that smokers take the comfort of other passengers into consideration. Smoking is prohibited on the blue lagoon deck and covered areas of the spanker and lido deck at all times.

Swimming off the Ship

Our gangway is the ideal launching pad for various water sports. The Captain decides whether it can be used, weather-permitting and subject to regulatory approval.


The SEA CLOUD is fitted with a satellite communication system. The ship can be reached on the following telephone numbers:

SAT      00870 776 1356 71
V-SAT   0049 40 874 07 144
GSM     0049 173 642 02 92

Charges for connecting via the cellular network are approx. € 3 per minute. Satellite communication costs are approx. € 1 per minute.

Telephone directory on Board

Please dial...

from cabin to cabin:

  • cabin number (cabins 10, 14-37) respectively
  • 8 + cabin number (cabins 1-9)


  • Cruise Director: 39
  • Purser: 40
  • Hotel Manager: 41
  • Service Pantry: 47
  • Hospital: 49
  • Lounge Bar: 99
  • Lido Bar: 66
  • Bridge: 51
  • Gangway: 55

Tender Service

It is not always possible to moor the ship directly in the port at a pier. In such cases we offer a tender service, using our boats to get you to shore. Access is via the gangway. Please check the notice for the departure times of the tender boats. Please follow the instructions of our crew.


All tips are included in the price of the trip.

Towels and Blankets

Blankets and towels are provided in the maritime teak wood boxes on the lido deck and near the gangway.

Travel Documents

Your travel documents contain information on your ship’s course, shore excursions and, where applicable, your flight ticket. Please have your passport to hand during embarkation. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months after the end of the journey.

Travel Insurance

For your own security, we recommend taking out travel cancellation, luggage, accident, health and curtailment holiday insurance.


Umbrellas are available in the cabins.


Visitors are permitted on board only if passengers or tour operators have notified the purser in advance. Notice must be given at least 72 hours in advance. Any services used by visitors while on board shall be settled via the passenger's or tour operator's shipboard account.


The voltage on board is 220 volts. All bathrooms are equipped with a shaver socket.

Water Sports

The Sea Cloud has snorkelling equipment – enough for all guests and available in various sizes – which may be used free of charge with the permission of the Captain and weather-permitting. Furthermore, we offer stand up paddle boards when going ashore on a beach, as well as a towable tube from the gangway.


Our top-quality wines from well-known wine-growers, which are served at mealtimes and included in the cruise price, are selected from the best regions and the finest cellars, located in our destinations if possible. Our sommelier compiles a new wine selection for every season. Of course, there is also the option to purchase premium wines from the à la carte menu at an additional charge.