Monday, 02 May 2011

SEA CLOUD resplendent in all her new glory

In the last six months the now 80-year old windjammer legend SEA CLOUD was brought into line with the international safety regulations in force since October 2010 (SOLAS = Safety of life at sea) at the Motorenwerke Bremerhaven (MWB) shipyard. The aim of the complete renovation was to retain the original character of the four-masted bark despite the extensive work.

The shipyard labour in detail:

Fire protection: The SEA CLOUD is a steel yacht but the interior is largely made of specially treated wood: the original wooden panels were dismantled, coated and underfilled with fire protection insulation. The former wooden staircases in the original area were replaced with metal staircases. The substructure of the floor in the area of the original cabins was replaced with fire protection floors.

Furthermore, additional local fire alarms and sprinklers were fitted. The installation of a fire-proof bulkhead amidship created two separately insulated areas.

Crew area: The core of the crew deck was completely removed and rebuilt in accordance with SOLAS regulations. The escape routes and the arrangement of the storerooms were redesigned. The supply and disposal lines and the electrical system were replaced and the whole crew area was connected to a new air conditioning system.

Damage-control strength: The material thickness of all the areas of the ship was measured using ultrasound and where necessary, replaced. The plate thicknesses still comply with the new building regulations in force, indicating the high building standard and soundness of the ship.

Ship technology: Two new, high-performance auxiliary diesel engines were fitted for power generation. They use less fuel and have lower emission values. The main engines were thoroughly overhauled and the exhaust pipes reinsulated. The bridge house was enlarged while the radar gear and navigators were replaced.

Rigging: The jib boom, fore-mast, main mast, parts of the mizzen-mast and the central portions of several steel yards were replaced, while the rigging was given a general overhaul. The teak deck, teak benches and hand rails were sanded down and resealed.

Passenger cabins: Cabins 30-37 (lido deck) and 14-17 (promenade deck) were fitted with new bathrooms. In these cabins as well as in both cabins 9 and 10 (main deck), the carpets, upholstery and materials were replaced in a new colour scheme. The antiques were expertly restored in all the original cabins.


SEA CLOUD CRUISES has been a blue-chip cruise operator since 1979. The ships have been awarded five stars for many years by Berlitz Cruise Guide, most recently in September 2010. The now 80-year-old four-masted bark SEA CLOUD with its high quality standard serves as the model for all other passenger ships that are part of the operator´s fleet. Guests are invited to set sail to the most stunning destinations in Europe, the Lesser Antilles and Central America on board of one of two stately windjammers or an exclusive river yacht. For more information or bookings, ask your travel agent or SEA CLOUD CRUISES GmbH, An der Alster 9, 20099 Hamburg, Germany, Phone +49 40 3095 9250, Fax +49 40 3095 9222 or visit