Thursday, 16 February 2012

Experience Europe with the river yacht RIVER CLOUD II

Discover Europe with a difference! With the river yacht RIVER CLOUD II, which is at home on Europe’s most beautiful rivers. The luxurious river yacht with the flair of 1930s travel is on course from the Netherlands to the Black Sea, on the Danube, Moselle, Main and Rhine.

On the spacious deck one can let one's gaze wander over the breath-taking landscape while castles and palaces glide past and historic cities like Heidelberg, Strasbourg, Vienna and Budapest beckon invitingly.

This elegant and relaxed mode of travel is complemented by the refined on-board entertainment. Theme cruises such as the 150th anniversary of Gustav Klimt and Claude Debussy or a garden cruise to the "Floriade" place the focus on special cultural highlights and are accompanied by artists and lecturers.

Dates: Garden Cruise, Amsterdam-Regensburg, 16-24.6.2012; Klimt Art Cruise, Budapest-Passau, 19-26.07.2012; Debussy Music Cruise, Koblenz-Amsterdam, 27.10.-3.11.2012, all cruises starting from US$ 3,285.

The river yacht RIVER CLOUD II interprets the maritime ambience of the tall sailing ships SEA CLOUD and SEA CLOUD II in its own special way. It has 44 outside cabins, in addition to which the library, a spacious lounge with bar and the large sundeck offer guests ample room for relaxation. The 80-year-old four-masted bark SEA CLOUD with its high quality standard serves as the model for all other passenger ships that are part of the operator´s fleet. Guests are invited to set sail to the most stunning destinations in Europe, the Lesser Antilles and Central America.


SEA CLOUD CRUISES with its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany and a branch in USA organizes luxury cruises. For information and reservations, please contact SEA CLOUD CRUISES, Inc., 32-40 North Dean St., Englewood, NJ 07631, Phone: 201-227-9404, Toll Free: 1-888-732-2568,