Wednesday, 22 August 2012

2013 Programme

Hamburg, 16 August 2012: SEA CLOUD CRUISES, the Hamburg specialist in high-quality yacht cruises, now presents its new programme for 2013.

With a new lecture concept for the RIVER CLOUD II, this organizer of small, exclusive cruises continues to emphasize the cultural aspects and uniqueness of its river yacht voyages. Some of the special highlights of the cruises, which take place on two windjammers, are sailing trips with no set route or a joint cruise around the Canary Islands. Moreover, the SEA CLOUD II is expected back up north in 2013. If you have not yet had the chance to get to know the fleet, SEA CLOUD CRUISES is offering introductory cruises to various destinations for any budget.


River yachting on the RIVER CLOUD II
The RIVER CLOUD II will again be cruising between the Ijssel Sea in the Netherlands and Mile marker 1 of the Danube delta in 2013. And from 2013 onward, all voyages will have a theme and be accompanied by an artist, a scientist or a lecturer. Whether maritime, culinary, historical or cultural, the new concept from SEA CLOUD CRUISES offers an even greater variety of themes that are adapted to both your route and to current events.

Special cruise dates on the RIVER CLOUD II are, for example:

RIVER CLOUD II: Maritime Cruises
To maritime cities on the Ijssel Sea and small kingdoms, to/from Amsterdam with the director of the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg
Special highlight: cruise with a flat-bottomed boat on the Ijssel Sea and a visit to the new museum of emigration, the Red Star Line Museum, in Antwerp
5 dates in April and May: Amsterdam - Amsterdam, e.g. 6 to 13 April 2013 / 8 days from USD 2,575 per person

RIVER CLOUD II: The Anniversary of Richard Wagner
From Amsterdam to Nuremberg with Wagner expert Peter Davids / visit to the Bayreuth Festival Hall, including a look behind the scenes
Dates: Amsterdam - Nuremberg, 22 to 29 June 2013 / 8 days from USD 2,575 per person

RIVER CLOUD II: Musical Fall
Cruises on the Mosel with artists from the Hamburg School of Music / Concerts both on board and ashore, such as at the Eberbach Monastery
Dates: Strasbourg - Bernkastel-Kues, 20 to 27 October 2013 / 8 days from USD 2,575 per person

RIVER CLOUD II: Introductory Cruises
Passengers can get away from it all on a short cruise to one of the culture-filled cities along the Danube or in the culinary heart of Alsace for a few days. Not only will you glide in comfort along Europe's most beautiful waterways, you will also visit museums and galleries, discover art and culture, and indulge your palate.
Dates: Basle - Mayence, 3 to 7 November 2013 / 5 days from USD 795 per person


Cruise with the SEA CLOUD and SEA CLOUD II windjammers
During the coming winter, the two windjammers will be passing through the Panama Canal. After the SEA CLOUD II explored the waters of Costa Rica in 2012, the SEA CLOUD will now follow the example of her younger sister. To get a taste of this special voyage, please have a look at our video at The rest of our program for the 2013 winter season is just as colourful as the routes themselves. Both ships will be cruising Central America and along the shores of Cuba as well as the exclusive island pearls of the Lesser Antilles and the British Virgin Islands. As a special extra, the price of all trips includes the excursions on land.
Cruise example: Puerto Limón - Havana with the SEA CLOUD II, 15 to 27 March 2013 / 13 days from USD 6,635 per person

At the first sign of spring, the windjammers will return to Europe. Passing the rough craters, wild coastlines and vast plateaus of the Azores, they will sail to the Balearic Islands and the coasts of mainland Spain and France. In the Mediterranean, enthusiastic sailors can choose from two sailing trips without any set routes.


SEA CLOUD: Cruises without a fixed schedule
Just letting yourself go where the wind takes you with no plans, schedules or destinations: this is what awaits passengers on two cruises with the SEA CLOUD. Only the stopping and starting points of the cruise are set, and the wind is responsible for the rest. The trip will focus on the ship, which will be sailed by traditional means. But even a windjammer has to lower its sails every now and then, and the numerous islands of the Cyclades or the Adriatic Sea offer plenty of opportunity for this with their idyllic moorings and scenic harbours. Passengers can follow their individual preferences on land too and go wherever the spirit moves them.
Dates: Malta - Piraeus, 1 to 8 May 2013 / 8 days from USD 4,295 per person and Piraeus - Venice, 11 to 18 July 2013 / 8 days from USD 4,295 per person

SEA CLOUD and SEA CLOUD II: Two windjammers, one course
The two windjammer sisters - the SEA CLOUD and the SEA CLOUD II will be sailing together for two days (20-21 November 2013) from Gran Canaria to the green volcanic beauty of La Gomera, with a stop in Tenerife offering passengers the opportunity to visit the sister ship.
Dates: SEA CLOUD from/to Las Palmas, 19 to 26 November 2013 / 8 days from USD 3,895 per person and SEA CLOUD II from/to Las Palmas, 17 to 24 November 2013 / 8 days from USD 3,595 per person

SEA CLOUD and SEA CLOUD II: Take time out on a transatlantic cruise
The Columbus route from the Old World to the New World is a true shipping legend. For real sailing enthusiasts, it's virtually a must to sail the Atlantic at least once in your lifetime. At SEA CLOUD CRUISES, passengers can choose between the SEA CLOUD and the SEA CLOUD II, depending on whether their taste runs to pure windjammer romantic or the comfortable cruise style of a modern sailing vessel.
Dates: SEA CLOUD Las Palmas - Barbados, 26 November to 12 December 2013 / 17 days from USD 7,785 per person and SEA CLOUD II Las Palmas - Curacao, 24 November to 11 December 2013 / 18 days from USD 6,125 per person

SEA CLOUD II: Three introductory cruises to Sylt
The SEA CLOUD II will be back on the coasts of northern Germany for the first time in two years in 2013. In June of 2013, she will be sailing from Hamburg to Sylt and back a total of three times. However, short cruises from Madeira to Lisbon and from Naples to Palma de Mallorca can also be booked for a brief but intensive break from daily life.
Dates: Hamburg - Hamburg, 22 to 26 June 2013 / 5 days from USD 2,325 per person; Madeira - Lisbon 30 April to 4 May 2013 / 5 days from USD 1,475 per person; Naples - Palma de Mallorca 28 May to 1 June 2013 / 5 days from USD 2,325 per person.


Clear price structure and attractive offers for early bookings and passengers travelling alone
SEA CLOUD CRUISES attaches importance to a clear, reliable price structure. Full board, top-quality table wines and soft drinks are just as much a part of the package as the bottle of SEA CLOUD champagne in your cabin to welcome you and the captain's champagne reception. Those who make their travel plans in good time can benefit from an attractive early booking saving of up to USD 1,200 per person. In addition, we are offering special prices on selected cruises, allowing you to save up to USD 4,000 compared with the normal price. Individual cabins with an especially low surcharge are available for those travelling alone. This applies to selected departures of both the windjammers and all RIVER CLOUD II cruises. Excursions on land are also included in the 2013 winter program of the two sailing vessels.


SEA CLOUD CRUISES has been one of the leading cruise operators since 1979. The 81-year-old four-masted bark SEA CLOUD with its high quality standard serves as the model for all other passenger ships that are part of the operator's fleet. For more information or bookings, ask your travel agent or please contact SEA CLOUD CRUISES, An der Alster 9, 20099 Hamburg, Germany, Phone: +49-40-30959-250 or go to