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The perfect break: a Caribbean cruise
under white sails.

A Caribbean cruise on board the SEA CLOUD or SEA CLOUD II offers the perfect break from the winter cold and daily routine at home.

St Lucia's Pitons - a highlight of every Caribbean cruise
The zodiac boat takes you ashore

Vivacious, colourful,
tropical beauty.

When the autumn colours start to fade and the November grey sets in, the two windjammers offer a sparkling ray of sunshine, setting sail for a world full of glowing pastel colours: the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles, the Grenadines and Cuba. Ideal wind conditions in the Caribbean Sea allow guests to fully enjoy life under the sails. Only in idyllic harbours or hidden anchorages will the white sails be put to rest. On a Caribbean cruise aboard a tall ship, a whole range of destinations which cannot be reached by large ships wait to be discovered.

In popular sailors' haunts in the British Virgin Islands guests can revel in cheerful colours and beach barbecues under the palm trees. St Lucia and Grenada are full of tropical richness, natural beauty and the scent of spices. And in Cuba, the air is filled with music, a vibrant atmosphere prevails, and the rich historical legacy carries the ultimate seal of approval as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Destinations for your Caribbean cruise:

British Virgin Islands

Greater Antilles

Lesser Antilles


St Vincent and the Grenadines