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Sea Cloud Cruises:
Information about restart and Hygiene Concept

30.09.2020 - Planning reliability for guests and sales partners – Caribbean winter season 2020/2021 cancelled

We have now canceled our entire winter program in the Caribbean until April 2021. Taking the latest development of the Covid-19 pandemic into consideration, this radical step is the only way to provide the planning certainty, our guests and all our partners quite rightly expect.

We are now focusing on the sailings in the Mediterranean and around the Canary Islands starting next spring which are already published in our current main brochure 2021. At the same time, we are preparing an alternative concept for our upcoming itineraries according to the current EU requirements for cruises.

We will publish all details of our hygiene concept soon.

13.03.2020 - Entry requirements may change daily

Since the entry requirements in the destinations we serve can change daily, we are in constant communication with the relevant authorities and agencies on site so that we can inform all booked guests in good time about any changes.



 if you need to reach us urgently over the weekend:

0049 40 30959 258 or info(at)seacloud(dot)com

11.03.2020 - Update

Corona keeps the world in suspense. We observe the situation along our planned trips very closely and inform our booked guests immediately about changes in entry regulations and necessary measures.
During embarkation, each guest must complete our health declaration form before boarding the ship. At the same time our medical staff will examine all guests for fever. Before luggage is taken on board, all hand contact surfaces are disinfected accordingly by our crew.
Currently our ships are still in the Caribbean and no corona cases have occurred on board.
Of course, we will keep a very close eye on further developments concerning the corona virus. If necessary, the measures already taken can be adapted to the current development at any time.

27.02.2020 - Tightening of entry restrictions in the Caribbean Islands

Stricter entry requirements apply to parts of the Lesser Antilles with immediate effect. Persons who have travelled to or through China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea (Republic of Korea), Japan, Italy, Singapore or Iran in the last 14 days prior to entry are not allowed to enter the country. Since it is to be assumed that the respective countries that we will be visiting as part of our upcoming Caribbean trips will issue similar regulations, we will inform all booked guests on trips until April 2020 about these restrictions.

Shipping company increases preventive health protection on board

The well-being of the passengers and crew, their health and safety are the highest priority for Sea Cloud Cruises. In view of current concerns about the spread of the corona virus, we have further strengthened our already strict preventive measures for health protection on board both ships. Currently, Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II are not located in regions where the COVID-19 virus is spreading.
Crew members or passengers are not allowed to board the ships if they have visited China, Hong Kong or Macao or had close contact with people infected with the virus in the 14 days prior to departure. We ask all guests for understanding that they have to fill in a health questionnaire before boarding the ship.
Cleanliness and hygiene are a matter of course in all areas of ship operation. In order to protect the health of passengers and crew, we have once again tightened the precautionary measures. For example, all hand contact surfaces such as door handles, handrails or fittings are now additionally disinfected twice a day with a special anti-virus agent.
On both ships, the entire crew has received additional instruction in matters of health protection, hygiene and the special features of the corona virus. The crew members are required to contact the ship's doctor immediately if there are even apparently minor signs, for example a cold.
We are keeping a very close eye on further developments concerning the corona virus. If necessary, the measures already taken can be adapted to the current development at any time.