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Incentive cruise:
a whole ship for your ideas!

Outstanding work should be rewarded accordingly. The decks of our yachts provide the perfect setting for your incentive cruise. Hold private celebrations and events for business partners or customers at this elegant venue. Naturally inspired by the unique atmosphere on board one of our ships, your teams will need little encouragement to embrace new challenges and aim for new targets.

A ship creates and strengthens relationships.

Teamwork is something we also take very seriously on board

Once the mooring lines are released, the ship does not just leave the land, but also the hassle and bustle of everyday life. You will feel at ease and relaxed as you stand at the ships rail, looking out to sea. Allow your thoughts to flow freely as you immerse yourself in emotions. The atmosphere on board a cruise has a very unique quality. A ship is a home that offers ever-changing views. You are always on the move, but always at home too. Since the art of seafaring is based on the art of teamwork, the incentive aspect is plain to see all over the deck. Pervaded by an infectious spirit of unity, a ship creates and strengthens relationships.

Your goal is our destination.

Unlimited possibilities
We will plan your incentive cruise exactly to your wishes

If your ideas are as expansive as the sea, then our windjammers SEA CLOUD, SEA CLOUD II and SEA CLOUD SPIRIT are the answer. They offer everything you will need for an incentive cruise: a sense of adventure and joy of discovery, team spirit and the romance of sailing, driven forward by a favourable tailwind. "Navigate to the stars. Go on raids or search for treasure. Learn seamen's knots and use the sextant. Beach parties and snorkelling adventures." Our windjammers are a haven for ideas and also the means to reach your goal. They are full of different theme areas ready to be discovered and conquered. Eagerly awaiting your next move, our ships can meet all expectations.

Our contacts and knowledge are at your disposal, and we can always moor the ship at your next departure point. We can be as flexible as you want.

Your ship – from prow to stern.

We will turn your ideas into reality, be it chocolates displaying your company logo, ...
... special cakes, or anything else you would like

Of course, we do not know the route and destination of your incentive cruise yet. But all your preferences will be put into an itinerary that is tailored to your requirements in close consultation with you. Your occasion, your motto and your themes are integral to our customised route-planning and the on-board activities. The whole ship is geared up to meet your needs and expectations.

Whether you want a banner hoisted above the gangway or your company's colours displayed in a flower arrangement - your wish is our command! All CI requirements will also be met - from the presentation of menu cards to decorations. No matter whether you want to turn your logo into a chocolate dessert or create a menu based on your motto - creativity is our middle name!

Clearly more: exclusively inclusive.

Your incentive cruise with SEA CLOUD CRUISES offers many included services
Your incentive cruise with SEA CLOUD CRUISES offers many included services

Things which at first appear to be good value sometimes end up going over budget. This is why we always let you know at the outset what costs you can expect. Our services are comprehensive, and our charter prices include many items and extras which are often not included elsewhere. Specific figures are one important aspect, but excellent service during an event is another. True quality can never be verified on the cost sheet. Each and every one of our crew members on board sees it as their personal responsibility to provide the highest level of service. You can rely on us. And the unique atmosphere on board adds value to the whole experience, making your exclusive incentive cruise a truly attractive package.